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Please note that this website has received numerous complaints from readers saying that the device described below had no discernable impact on the barking of their neighbor's dogs. Therefore, even though we have had a few positive reports, does not recommend this product. Accordingly, we have removed all links to retail outlets. Links will be reestablished if and when the manufaturer can show that the device works as advertised.

Bark Stop

This unit is capable of producing 110 decibels of sound, which is roughly equivalent to the noise of a chain saw or leaf blower. It is not quite as loud as its brother, the Super Bark Stop.

The following is the manufacturer's write-up describing the product

A Sonic or Ultrasonic Corrector for Barking Dogs

Stop Barking Dogs In House or Yards with Bark Stop. Bark Stop helps prevent barking from your dog or your neighbor's dog (if line-of-sight is possible). An ultrasonic training device, BarkStop improves upon the Lentek Barkfree, which is no longer made.

Bark Stop does NOT inflict pain or harm on a noisy dog. Instead Bark Stop sits on a table or the counter or mounts outdoors. The BarkStop has twin dual piezo-ceramic transducers. Its specially designed speaker picks up a dog's bark and then sends out a corrective tone to keep Fido from waking you up or the neighbors.

Persistent barking and bad behavior in dogs is often difficult to cure.

Bark Stop is a humane and effective way to help teach your dog to curb barking behavioral problems.


  • Bark Stop is automatic: turns on when barking starts; turns off when barking ends.
  • "Bark Pickup Sensitivity Adjustment Selector" can be set to a lower or higher level of barking to help eliminate false readings.
  • "Audible Sound Selector" is designed to help you determine the best sound frequency for preventing barking with your dog (or your neighbor's).
  • Set sound selector for high ultrasonic frequencies or lower tones audible also to human ears.
  • Both ultrasonic and audible sounds have been proven effective in controlling barking dogs.


  • HEIGHT: Mount slightly above the dog's head level, facing the dog, in a line-of-sight mounting. (Sound waves do not go through solid objects like wooden fences or concrete walls.)
  • DISTANCE FROM DOG: Mount Bark Stop no more than 35 feet from your dog.
  • WARNING: Keep Bark Stop unit and extension cords out of dogs' reach so the bark free unit will not be damaged.
  • OUTDOORS USE: Place in protected location from wind and rain. BarkStop is weather resistent but not waterproof.


Nothing is a 100% cure for barking problems. Reduced barking should be evident within 7 to 14 days. especially in the amount of barking at night. If barking persists, your dog may have a more serious problem than nuisance and boredom barking. Many dogs require a 4 to 6 week training period.*

One recent customer reported that her very large, very smart purebred dogs barked louder and longer for two weeks before responding to the Stop Bark.*

NOTE: Bark Stop or similar devices have a lower success rate with Schnauzers and Yorkies. (Per our customers' experience.)

Hearing Problems: Deaf dogs will not react to Bark Stop. Dogs with high frequency hearing damage may react to the audible setting. (You will be able to hear it.)

High Stress Environments: Bark Stop is not recommended for general use in boarding kennels, animal shelters and grooming salons. These locations generate protective and fear barking. Use only during non-visiting hours.


  • Dimensions: 4" x 7" x 3"
  • Coverage: Up to 35 ft.
  • LED status indicators can only be seen from behind or on top of the device to prevent dogs or neighbor's from seeing the device at night.
  • Twin dual piezo-ceramic tranducers
  • 50 ft. power extension cord included
  • 90 Day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Ideal for use in multiple dog homes, for persistent barking problems, to train puppies not to bark, to keep your dog or the neighbor's dog quiet.
  • Bark Free Stop includes AC adaptor and a 50 feet extension power cord.

Webmaster's footnote:
* These figures are inaccurate. If the device is going to work, you will have seen a dramatic reduction in the rate of barking by the end of the third day.

This page is part of Section Two:
the Your Neighbor's Dog section of