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The Barking Dog News

You have arrived at the Barking Dog News, where you will find barking-related stories that have been drawn from the news media and categorized according to content.

News of the Usual Legal Run-around
Last update: October 20, 2008
Stories of the legal system's dysfunctional approach to barking dog management, and true tales of barking abuse victim's who tried to work through it.

Violence in the News
Last update: May 13, 2005
This section features stories of violent posturing, murder and mayhem, that resulted when unworkable "anti-barking" laws forced people to square off with their neighbors -- and try to settle it themselves.

News of Those Who Eventually Got Some Peace and Quiet
Last update: December 15, 2004,
This section contains news accounts of people who somehow succeeded in resolving intractable barking problems with recalcitrant neighbors.

News of Calamities That Could Have Been Averted
Last update: April 5, 2005
Chronic barking is often a symptom of other dire problems looming in the background. This section contains news accounts of death, destruction and tragedy that occurred because the authorities failed to recognize that.

The Barking Dog News Hall of Heroes
Last update: December 15, 2004
The Hall of Heroes features news stories of people who took a stand and did what they could to address the chronic barking scourge. Thereby moving us all toward a more civil society and a better quality of life.

The Barking Dog News Hall of Shame
Last update: October 31, 2008
News accounts of individuals, organizations, and institutions that have shamed themselves through behavior that can only serve to perpetuate the chronic barking epidemic.

General News Items About the Barking Epidemic
Last update: December 3, 2005
This is the catchall category for stories that don't quite fit in to any of the other six news sections.

This page is the index of Section Ten:
the Barking Dog News section of