Welcome to, the most comprehensive source on earth for information about chronic barking and the impact it has on human health. Whether your dog is barking disruptively, your neighbor's dog is pushing you beyond your limits, or you are a governmental administrator looking for an abatement program that works, whatever it is you need to know about chronic barking and how to bring it to an end, you'll find the answer here.

This website is divided into fourteen sections:

Section One: Quieting Your Own Barking Dog
This section tells you everything there is to know about bark training or otherwise quieting your barking dog.

Section Two: Silencing Your Neighbor's Dog Through Personal Intervention
This section tells you how you can maximize the possibility that you will be able to persuade your neighbors to take responsibility for their barking dogs, and also describes a type of electronic device that you may or may not be able to use to quiet the dog next door.

Section Three: Turning to the Law for Help with Your Neighbor's Barking Dog
This section tells you what help you can expect from the cops and the courts, and also provides information on how to get the legal ball rolling, as well as how to prove your case in court.

Section Four: The Local Websites for Getting Your Home Town Barking Laws Changed
This section contains little, mini versions of, each of which has been especially rewritten to describe the situation in a given geographic area, so that they can each serve to educate as well as to rally the people in a specific, local jurisdiction. This kind of specialized website, which consists of a few highly focused pages and comes as part of a larger program, could prove to be a key factor in getting the barking laws changed and the streets quieted-down where you live.

Section Five: The Noise Activist's Guide
If you are an American, the fact is that your right to live in a quiet home was bought out from under you in a treacherous act of special interest skullduggery. This section will tell you how that came about. It will also provide you with other information about the politics behind our noisy streets, as well as introduce you to a barking law that is so effective that it can quickly quiet the streets where you live.

Section Six: More Information About Chronic Barking
This section contains information that is likely to be of interest to those who keep barking dogs themselves as well those who don't and wish their neighbors didn't either.

Section Seven: The Deleterious Impact of Exposing People to Noise
This section provides a delineation of the harm done to the human health and psyche by prolonged exposure to chronic barking and other sources of intrusive noise.

Section Eight: The Cause of the World's Chronic Barking and Biting Epidemics
This section explains that, like the biting epidemic and all of our other major dog-related problems, our blight of chronic barking was created by, and is now perpetuated by, the animal control system.

Section Nine: The Cure for the Barking Epidemic and All of Our Dog Related Problems
This section describes how, by restructuring the laws and reforming the animal control system, we can bring an immediate end to the chronic barking crisis and, in the process, transform the biting epidemic and a tidal wave of other dog-related problems into a trickle of difficulties.

Section Ten: The Barking Dog News
Drawn from the mass media, this section offers news accounts that cover the chronic barking scourge from seven angles.

Section Eleven: The YouTube Barking Dog Video Group
Our Barking Dogs YouTube site will allow you to post digital internet footage of your neighbor's barking dog, so that his vocalizations can stand as proof positive of his owner's failure to live up to their responsibilities. Also, once your video is posted, you can include a link in selected emails. That way, in all of your electronic correspondence to public officials and others, you can include proof of the offense, along with a graphic representation of just what it is that you are up against.

Section Twelve: Barking Dogs Facebook
The purpose of our Facebook page is not just to commiserate and share our stories, but also to organize, as we reach out to noise victims and responsible dog owners everywhere. We further seek to foster enforceable legislation and effective law enforcement. To that end, our goal is to inform lawmakers across the globe of the threat posed to the public health and safety, when statute and custom permit the noise of other people's barking dogs to be force-fed into the homes of the innocent, leaving them powerless to defend against the ensuing chaos.

Section Thirteen: About This Website and What You Can Do to Help
This section describes the history and purpose of, and tells you how you can help to put a lid on the chronic barking problem.

Section Fourteen: The Kitchen Sink
This section contains additional information about this website and the activities it promotes, and also provides links out to other worthy sites. In addition, on this page you will find special announcements and other important information pertaining to the battle against chronic barking.

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