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The Cure for the Barking Epidemic and All of Our Other Dog-Related Problems


This section focuses on remedies for the world-wide barking epidemic, and all of society's other dog-related problems, as opposed to other sections that are dedicated exclusively to helping you deal with your own personal barking dog ordeal. Accordingly, below you will find articles focused on getting things turned around on the societal level.

A model anti-barking law and supporting infrastructure
Over the years, we have received a number of requests from government administrators who asked that we offer a model anti-barking law they could use to replace the ineffective law they had in place at that time. To that end, we offer here a model ordinance, complete with the preventative and enforcement components that are necessary to make such a law work.

The solution to all of our dog-related problems
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Overview of a model animal control system
This section describes a model animal control system, one that could bring the barking epidemic to a screeching halt, and greatly reduce all of our dog-related problems in the process.

Mandatory pre-licensing classes for dog owners
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Educating dog owners-to-be and screening out unfit applicants prior to licensing is an essential component of any highly effective dog management system. This page talks about the compulsory pre-licensing course.

Noise monitors
You can't use the law to quiet your neighbor's dog until after you first prove to the satisfaction of the authorities that the dog is barking, which is often impossible under the ground rules extant in the current system. This page describes how, in the new system, accusations of chronic barking can be either disproved or reliably authenticated in a very short time.

A vigorous impound policy
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There are some people who simply will not quiet their dogs regardless of how the neighbors and the authorities press them, and others who will do so only after a prolonged struggle. For that reason a vigorous impound policy is essential to any effective system, because in some cases there is simply no other way to restore the quality of the acoustic environment in a timely fashion.

Clearly defining how much is too much
This article addresses the question of how much barking is too much.

The shalt nots of the new system
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This section delineates the seven things that the model system forbids dog owners to do.

The citizen's bill of canine-related rights
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This page contains a list that spells out what government owes us, and what we have a right to expect when it comes to managing the canine population that has become so thoroughly integrated into our own.

Seven dog-related services government should be providing
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This section discusses the services that government needs to extend if we are ever going to impact the barking and biting Epidemics.

A cash cow, waiting to be milked
Barking dog enforcement in particular and noise enforcement in general can be significant sources of revenue for the city. This page tells you how a vigorous program of noise enforcement can put money in the city coffers while it cleans up the acoustic environment.

The role of the police in the new animal control system
This section explains why barking dog enforcement is a job for the police, rather than the department of animal control.

The side benefits of barking dog enforcement
Enforcing effective barking laws will do more than quiet our homes and neighborhoods. It will cause many dog owners to behave more responsibly in other ways as well, and it will also reduce the number of dog attacks. This page tells you how.

A four-tier system for licensing dog owners
This section describes a four-tiered system that will allow you to become licensed to walk your dog off lead. The system also contains provisions that will prevent vicious and out of control dogs from being taken out among the public.

The canine good citizen program
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This section describes the Canine Good Citizen Program run by the American Kennel Club. The program establishes socialization criteria for canine behavior, and helps to train dog owners to bring their dogs up to standard.

Closing statement
This page is as close as you will come to a closing statement on It puts the finishing touches on the case for animal control reform.

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This page is the index of Section Nine:
the Cure section of