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How to Feature Your Neighbor's Barking Dog on YouTube


The YouTube website will allow you to post video of your neighbor's barking dog online, in a highly visible location, free of charge. You just need to film the barkfest using a camcorder or some other variation of a digital video-camera and then submit the footage to YouTube in the prescribed manner.

The Advantages of Posting To YouTube

Uploading your digital footage to YouTube carries with it two distinct advantages. First, after you have completed your upload, you can include a link in any emails you might choose, so that the email recipient need only click on the link in order to launch their browser and see your neighbor's dog, in all his glory, displayed in full color, barking furiously on their computer screen.

That means that you can email the dog owner the footage of his dog barking. Or you can film yourself explaining why the problem needs to be resolved. Or you can show your neighbor and your city councilman and whoever else, how close the dog is to where your children are sleeping, and what the noise sounds like from inside their room.

That way, when you write anyone about your in-home noise inundation, you can include proof of the problem in your every correspondence. You can say, "Here, look at this. This is what my house sounded like at three o'clock this morning."

There is another reason why you might want to feature footage of your neighbor's barking dog on YouTube. We have received reports from people telling us that, for whatever reason, their recalcitrant neighbors finally quieted their habitually barking dogs after they learned that YouTube featured footage that showed the animal barking disruptively.

We can only speculate why a public display would have such an effect. Perhaps it is because seeing their dog online serves as convincing proof of the problem, and that causes them to feel some measure of guilt or vulnerability. Or maybe they are simply embarrassed to have their dog behaving badly on the internet for all the world to see.

You might also be able to use YouTube to bring pressure to bear on your local authorities. After all, it is hard for animal control to deny that there is a barking problem in your town when there is video footage of it online, as well as embedded into your every email. And they can't say that the problem in not significant when your YouTube footage shows a pack of screaming animals going crazy under a voiceover or a banner that describes the suffering of those who are forced to live with the continual noise force-fed into their living quarters. And they can't say that it isn't happening in large numbers when there are multiple postings coming from the same town. And they can't claim that they are addressing the problem if the same postings remain up, or are added to year after year.

For that reason, posting footage of your barking dog ordeal online can be helpful if your are attempting to press your local authorities to assist you in the resolution of the problem. That way, your local representatives can see for themselves the extent of the ordeal to which you are subjected, without ever having to leave their offices. Also, knowing that their failure to solve the problem will be witnessed by millions of people on the internet may also help motivate your local authorities to do the right thing.

Getting Familiar with YouTube

If you are not already familiar with YouTube, you might want to start by clicking into the YouTube Barking Dog Video Group to get a look at some of the barking dog videos that have been posted to date. Please note also that the Barking Dog Video site contains a mechanism that will allow you to receive comments from others about your video and will also allow you to converse with other visitors to that web page.

Please remember that the content of your video is not limited to footage of your neighbor's dog barking. You can also film yourself or someone else explaining how the noise is impacting both their health and quality of life. Or you could post interviews with your slow to act public officials to document their pathetic excuses for failing in their duty to protect the public health through effective noise legislation and enforcement.

More Information About Posting to YouTube

When posting your barking related video to YouTube, we recommend that you list the name of your city as one of your "tags," along with the breed of the offending dog. Our readers assure us that that alone is often enough information to ensure that somebody will eventually clue-in your neighbor that their dog is on the internet announcing to all the world that they have failed in their responsibility to control him. Also, the fact that you list your city helps bring pressure to bear on your local public officials to take action.

Pretty much anywhere, the law on video-taping states that you are allowed to film anything that is in clear view to someone standing either on public property or on their own property. So it almost certainly is legal for you to video-tape your neighbor's dog from either of those vantage points. However, for our American readers who are of a more cautious disposition, we refer you to the following website, where you will find listed and discussed the laws relating to invasion of privacy issues for cameramen, photographers, and videographers throughout the United States.

However, you need to be warned that it is standard operating procedure for the dog owner to attempt to strike back by alleging that your real intent is to film people within their house in a state of undress. Therefore, be sure to place your camera in a location where there can be no question of that.

We have received reports that posting a new video of the offending dog every few weeks seems to be maximally effective.

YouTube is configured to allow anyone and everyone to log in and watch videos. However, before the machinery will let you post a video yourself and, also, before you will be allowed to post a written comment, you will first have to join YouTube, which is free of charge.

Click here for instructions on how to upload your video to YouTube.

Finally, please remember that you can also post a link to your noise-related YouTube video for all to see on the Barking Dogs Forum.

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